General publications

icon WaterWatt-flyer
This is the initial flyer to introduce to the project and its objectives
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Public Deliverables

The following deliverables are declared as public. However, the revision by the European Commission is still open

WP 1 – Study of Energy Consumption in Industrial Water Circuits

icon Catalogue of representative industrial water circuits and their units with specific energy consumption (D1.3)
In the frame of case studies representative circuits and their units were examined in detail. The results were documented in questionnaires (D1.2). The main circuit units were pumps, cooling towers, gravel filters, sedimentation tanks and gas scrubbers. The main electricity consumers were pumps and cooling tower ventilators. The data of these units were derived from the questionnaires to calculate specific energy consumption values. These values can be used for benchmarks definition. This deliverable (D1.3) provides joint basis for further studies in WP2.
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WP 2 – Modelling and Optimization of Industrial Water Circuits

icon Report with the description of the methodology used to modelling the typical water circuits. (D2.1)
The specific objectives of Task 2.1. is to provide generic models of each component of the ten selected case study circuits in WP1. This report gives an overview of the process of producing the physical models that simulates the industrial water circuits from the WaterWatt case studies. The report explains the methodology followed and the choices taken through the process of producing the WaterWatt models.
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