About Waterwatt

WP 1 – Study of Energy Consumption in Industrial Water Circuits

This work package will start with the Identification and selection of typical water circuits of the industries which will be examined. Measurements of energy consumption in the relevant circuits will be performed. A correct characterisation of representative industrial water circuits will allow a better comprehension of their energy consumption and correspondent operational conditions. In order to understand these water circuits and their impacts on the overall energy flows of an industry, an evaluation of specific energy consumption in water circuits will be conducted.

WP 2 – Modelling and Optimization of Industrial Water Circuits

The aim of WP2 is to model the energy consumption of typical water circuits, their relevant components and operational conditions, allowing the creation of KPIs: indicators to evaluate the performance of the typical water circuits and simulate the impact of the implementation of energy efficiency measures.

WP 3 – Human and Organisational Challenges

The goal of the WP3 is to associate the impact of the human and organisational behaviour in the energy chain, regarding the water-intensive consumption. First we intend to study the energy management structure of the industries because the existence or not of an energy management internal policy and of available human resources seems to have a significant impact on energy efficiency of the organizations.

In addition, this WP will also study market barriers with regard to the activities outlined above – including institutional and regulatory frameworks – that currently exist. By the end of this WP it will be possible to merge all data and define completely human and organizational indicators and develop a robust understanding of the energy measurements identification of the WaterWatt project.

WP 4 – Energy Efficiency Evaluation (E3) Platform for self-assessment

The WP4 aims at designing and developing the telematics platform to support the project objectives. The purposes of this platform are:

  1. Increasing the awareness on the reduction of energy consumption in water circuits and support the engagement of involved people;
  2. Providing a shared knowledge base of best practices, technologies and organizational models concerning the energy and water management;
  3. Providing tools for self-assessment and monitoring and, through a visual approach, it will encourages the change by providing information and the vision of the common goal;
  4. Enabling situated initiative such as field trial training and exercises.

WP 5 – Financial Instruments and Exploitation

In order to enable the afterlife of this project the WaterWatt consortium intends, from the start, to (i) study the existing national and European funds and (ii) develop a market analysis in order to (iii) create a business plan to the WaterWatt project. These three tasks are inter-dependent, and so existing funds will be accessed for promotion and implementation of energy efficiency activities and the measures, then try to search how some of the project results can be incorporated in these funds.

WP 6 – Communication, Dissemination and Promotion of the E3 Platform

The goal of WP6 is to elaborate the communication and the promotion activities of WaterWatt project. It is necessary to establish the communication between the project consortium and stakeholders. Therefore, activities will be developed in order to engage the relevant stakeholders to make them aware of this innovative platform and get their feedback on the developments.