About Waterwatt

E3 platform aims to improve the energy saving culture/mind set in enterprise by means of new technology and innovative approaches. To reach this result it is fundamental to engage people on the energy saving goal. How? Using gamification. Gamification is the use of game elements and game thinking in non-game environments to increase target behaviour and engagement. Gamification is about using:

  • Game elements (not full-games)
  • And game thinking (This doesn’t need to involve game technique, it’s more about the way games are designed and the idea behind games)
  • In a non-game environment (commercial as well as not-for-profit environments)
  • To increase target behaviour and engagement (target behaviour is central to this definition)

In simpler terms, gamification takes the characteristics we like about games and adds them to everyday actions in order to make them more interesting. Game elements leverage our love of competition and reward, and use it to encourage certain actions.


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