Presentation of WaterWatt at INSPIREWATER Joint Cross Cutting Issue Workshop

Feb 26, 2018

The WaterWatt project was presented recently (Feb. 08, 2018) at the INPIREWATER Joint Cross Cutting Issue Workshop about  "Water Efficiency in Process Industry – current needs and innovative approaches" .

The WaterWatt project coordinator took the opportunity to introduce the about 90 participants of the workshop to the aims, the approach and the E3 platform of the WaterWatt project.

The workshop, which was organized by the INSPIREWATER project focused on

  • Efficient water management – current and future needs in the process industry
  • Reduce water need and safe water supply
  • Innovative technologies and concepts

The information given in the short oral presentation was accompanied by a poster presentation. Many interested stakeholders came along for discussions.

The poster can be downloaded from here:

thumbnail Waterwatt Poster 20180208.pdf 1,2 MB