Presentation at ACHEMA 2018: Improvement of energy efficiency of industrial water circuits

Jul 02, 2018

The WaterWatt project was presented recently (June 2018) at ACHEMA 2018 in a lecture by Pavel Ivashechkin from BFI, Düsseldorf/DE about "Improvement of energy efficiency of industrial water circuits"

Industrial water circuits (IWCs) are an important but often neglected part of production processes. The IWC as an auxiliary system is not a typical target for energy efficiency measures. Hence, the potential scope for efficiency improvements is significant, including technical solutions, for example: energy efficient pumps, cooling towers and automated demand oriented circuit operation systems. The market barriers associated with the implementation of these solutions include poor awareness of the existing energy saving potential and uncertainty of the positive economic effects.

In the lecture highlights from the examined case studies from several industrial branches were presented as well as the main features of the upcoming E3 Platform were introduced.

Presentation and abstract can be downloaded: