Training Workshop: Energy Efficiency Evaluation in Industrial Water Circuits (Lisboa)

Date: 24 January 2019, time: 11:00 – 14:00

Location: ISQ, OEIRAS – TAGUSPARK, Av. Prof. Dr. Cavaco Silva, nº 33, 2740-120 Porto Salvo, Portugal

Free training event to help SMEs, large industrial producers and businesses, and others utilising large water circuits improve the energy efficiency of industrial water circuits

Invitation to the WaterWatt Training Workshop

European project WaterWatt is performing a series of training sessions in different European countries, designed to convey best practice on energy efficiency measures in industrial water circuits. Consult our experts and gain hands-on experience by exploring the comprehensive toolbox offered by the WaterWatt E3 Platform with your personal account.

The workshops are tailor-made for middle management in direct relationship with energy and water management as well as water circuit suppliers and EMS consultants.

The content of the half-day training course covers the main developments of WaterWatt:

  1. Characterization of Energy efficiency of typical industrial water circuits
  2. WaterWatt Energy Efficiency Evaluation platform and IWC modelling tool
  3. Management procedures
  4. Existing financial instruments to support the implementation of energy efficiency measures

About the project

The European WaterWatt project addresses the improvement of energy efficiency in industrial water circuits (IWCs). In particular, these circuits are auxiliary electric motor driven systems with a great energy efficiency optimization potential. The aim of the project is to remove market barriers for energy efficient solutions, in particular the lack of expertise and information on energy management and saving potential in industrial water circuits.

Industrial Site Case Studies of IWCs

Eleven case studies of representative water circuits have been conducted at industrial sites of several branches including the steel and the chemical industry. The aim was to identify sustainable water and energy efficiency measures, which are not only technical but also took site specific contextual factors (regulations, subsidies, human behaviours) into account, which have also been examined.

The WaterWatt E3 Platform

Based on the site experiences, an Energy Efficiency Evaluation Platform (WaterWatt E3 Platform) has been developed to offer stakeholders the expert knowledge on improving energy efficiency. Aside from tools for information, feedback and reporting as well as tools to support training actions, a modelling interface to design and simulate individual water circuits has been created.

For further information:

Please email Ricardo A. Rato or Dr Muriel C. Iten


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