Improvement of energy efficiency in industrial water circuits
using gamification
for online self-assessment, benchmarking and economic decision support

Our Mission

The improvement of energy efficiency across the European industries is crucial for competitiveness. So far, the measures for improvement of energy efficiency have been directed at primary production processes only. In this project the improvement of energy efficiency in industrial water circuits for cooling, heating or transport will be addressed. These are auxiliary electric motor driven systems with a high optimisation potential.

The European manufacturing industry consumes about 37,000 million m3/y freshwater recycling it up to 10 times with the specific electrical energy consumption >0.2 kWh/m3. By the according energy consumption of 74,000 GWh/year an potential 10 % savings will sum up to 7,400 GWh/year.

Currently, there is neither a benchmark on the energy consumption in industrial water circuits, nor tools for its systematic reduction, nor awareness of the saving potential.

The WaterWatt project aims to remove market barriers for energy efficient solutions, in particular the lack of expertise and information on energy management and saving potential in industrial water circuits.

melted steel in a rolling mill
Hot rolling mill (source:pixabay)

The E3 Platform is online

An Energy Efficiency Evaluation Platform (E3 Platform) has been developed to disseminate knowledge/know-how on energy efficiency improvements using gaming approach. The tools of the E3 Platform can be used by SMEs and large industrial producers for self-assessment and improvement of the energy efficiency in their circuits.

These are the main tools which will be provided in the E3 Platform toolbox:

  • Tools for the self-assessment, monitoring and improvement of the energy efficiency of IWCs
  • Informational tools for improvement of energy efficiency in IWC and content sharing
  • Feedback and reporting tools
  • Tools to support specific training actions
  • Tools to report, share and communicate output and outcomes

The E3 Platform is already online available: Please visit at ...

Latest News

A WaterWatt brochure has been published, which contains a summary of the results of the WaterWatt project, namely the WaterWatt Platform tools and a guideline on good practice in energy efficiency management.

The roll-out of the WaterWatt Energy Efficiency Evaluation Platform took place as side-event of the Water Market Europe on the 20th Mar 2019.

Upcoming Events ...

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The Consortium

The WaterWatt-consortium consists of six partners from Portugal, Italy, Norway, United Kingdom and Germany. The team has the technological as well as the social understanding related to the operation of industrial water circuits througout several branches.  For the development of the E3 Platform IT specialists are also involved.

  • Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology e.V.

    DECHEMA brings together scientific experts with the aim to identify and evaluate technological trends and to facilitate the transfer of research results into industrial applications.

  • Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade

    ISQ is a private non-profit technological company. The ISQ Sustainable Innovation Centre performs applied research to support companies on creating value through innovation in resource and energy efficiency, and risk management.

  • VDEh-Betriebs­forschungs­institut GmbH

    BFI is a private-sector non-profit institute for applied research and development. One of its key research aspects is the optimization of water and energy consumption in steel production processes.

  • SINTEF Group

    SINTEF is the largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia, and is a not-for-profit institute. One focus area is the design of thermal systems and components for a wide range of applications, including industrial heat recovery.

  • Cardiff University’s School of Social Sciences

    Cardiff University’s School of Social Sciences excels in researching today’s workforce, its changing composition, experiences, working life, the identities people bring to work as well as the regulation of work.

  • Istituto Superiore Mario Boella

    ISMB is a research and innovation centre in applied information and communication technologies. Its expertise includes developing tools for sustainable development, data management, and mobile solutions.

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